Oberg Anti-Siphon Fuel Line Safety Valve

About 13 years ago a bad race car fire at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington took the life of a local racer and friend. The crash severed the fuel line at the fuel pump and thus fuel poured onto the track engulfing the car and driver. This has been an ongoing occurrence ever since racing began.

Seeing this tragedy first hand the Oberg Team began working on a product that would prevent this from happening and thus developed an in-line one way valve that prevents siphoning. We took the product, called the Oberg Anti-Siphon Fuel Line Safety Valve to the Daytona 500 and met with Gary Nelson, at that time the head of all new products. It received immediate approval for use on Nascars.

Today, Nascar sanchioning bodies are putting it into the rule books. It has become mandatory for Nascar Super Truck Series in their 2009-2011 rule book, page 16. Personally I think it is as important as a helmet.

Oberg Filters has now made the product even easier to obtain. You can buy it right here in our online store.

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