Fleet Applications

Do you have a multitude of vehicles that need running to make your living? Do you want to protect these vehicles while being able to diagnose a major problem? Then you want Oberg Filters. Oberg Filters offer you the ultimate diagnostic tool that truly protects your engine, fuel system, transmission and/or differential. Just remove four nuts and reveal the filtration screen that will let you know that your system is clean or if you have a serious problem heading your way. How valuable would it be to be able to forsee a catastrophic part failure before it happens? Why replace an entire engine if you could catch a part failure in time to just replace that part and freshen your system? Find out more by contacting us directly or your local retailer.

Don't forget: We also have all the 4, 6, 8 and 9 inch replacement screens in 28, 60, and 115 absolute micron for all your Oberg Filters.

Other Applications

Agricultural Applications Racing Applications Marine Applications