Agricultural Applications

"Oberg 9" UFO Industrial filters have been protecting trucks, equipment and large industrial motors for many years. New this year, replacing the 9" UFO, is the Oberg Billet 8" Filter. This filter has twice the surface area of our billet 6" filter and goes back to our original 4 bolt design. With 28, 60 and 115 absolute micron screens, the 8" billet filter can be used for anything from heavy oil to fuel. Protect your engine while having the security of being able to diagnose any major problems internally. To find out more contact us directly or your local retailer.

Don't forget: We also have all the 4, 6, 8 and 9 inch replacement screens in 28, 60, and 115 absolute micron for all your Oberg Filters.

Other Applications

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